The Office of Capital Planning and Space Management utilizes the INSITE Net-FM system for maintaining space information for the Georgia Tech campus. This system tracks building and room data for all owned and most leased buildings, including parking decks. Users can view this data in tabular format or via floor plans.

Getting Started

The INSITE Net-FM system is available to Georgia Tech facility directors, building managers, and others who have a need for this data. For access, contact Lana Soroka and provide the IP address of the computer you will use to access the system.

Once you have been granted access to Net-FM, you may use the following information to get started using the system.

A list of buildings may be viewed using the "Facility List" shortcut link under "Quick Links" in the middle of the main screen. Initially a query screen is presented; you may enter search criteria and then click the "Get Results" button to execute the search and display the records. For example, use the drop-down list in the "status" field to select "active"; then click the "Get Results" button at the top left. This will list all of the current buildings (demolished buildings will be omitted). Clicking "Export to Excel" at the bottom of the page will generate an Excel spreadsheet of the data that can be used for further manipulation or printing.

There is also a "Space List" on the main screen that will allow you to query and view a list of rooms. There are other options as well - feel free to try them out.

Floor plans may be accessed in several different ways, but one way is to use the "Floor List" to query up the building you are interested in. There will be two icons in the resulting list - the "Q" that lets you query the floor plan in various ways, and the blue/yellow icon to the left that just shows the floor plan with no query.


Contact Lana Soroka for further information about INSITE Net-FM.