GT Events Overview


The Office of Capital Planning and Space Management (CPSM) is implementing new scheduling software called Event Management Systems (EMS). This software, which will be referred to at Georgia Tech as "GT Events," was developed by Dean Evans and Associates ( and used by numerous higher education institutions around the county. Our office will be utilizing this software to schedule events and classes starting fall 2010. GT Events is currently being used by 3 departments on the Georgia Tech campus; The Student Center, Student Success Center and Distance Learning and Professional Education (DLPE). All three departments are successfully using this software for scheduling events, CE courses and meeting spaces for students, faculty, staff and external users. An unlimited license is being offered as part of GT Events, therefore CPSM is currently reaching out to all potential users on campus who may be interested in using the software for scheduling and management of space.

In addition to event and classroom scheduling, a new Event Calendar will be launched at the end of the calendar year. The Event Calendar will provide users an opportunity to view details for all major events on campus. Academic units and departments will have the ability to add major events to the calendar (i.e. guest speakers, large outdoor events, symposia, registration, Greek and SGA events, etc.) CPSM is currently working with Communications and Marketing to develop a protocol for registering events on the calendar.

In an effort to maximize the utilization of existing space, CPSM will be using GT Events to manage event and classroom space on campus. Our office currently schedules the use of several outdoor spaces, like Skiles walkway, the Campanile and Harrison Square Lawn. We also schedule over 150 general purpose classrooms. We will be adding new outdoor spaces to the inventory, such as Tech Green, Bio Quad and CULC. We will also add the new CULC classrooms and all meeting spaces which seat over 20 to the inventory (excluding Dean’s conference rooms). These meeting spaces will continue to be managed by the department coordinators. These spaces will be seen in GT Events as “view only,” use of these spaces will be by request only. The intent is to have all the spaces in the system by the end of summer.

The office of Information Technology (OIT), CPSM and the current users of GT Events have all been working diligently to ensure the successful implementation and integration of this software. It is our intent to share the use of this tool to increase the utilization of existing space on campus.

Documentation and Training Materials

The T-Square website is used for the distribution of documents and training materials. Contact Cynthia Jackson or Beverly Peace to obtain access to this information.

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