Georgia Tech Events Frequently Asked Questions

​Frequently Asked Questions
Check the following list for frequently encountered problems and issues with the GT Events web page.


Questions about specific locations, events or event set-ups on campus

If you have a question about a specific location, event, or event set-up (tables, chairs, etc.), please see: Building Contact Information.

Who can reserve campus space through GT Events?

Members of the Georgia Tech community can log into GT Events with their Georgia Tech user ID and password, and can browse and reserve available space in campus buildings and outdoor venues. Individuals who are not members of the Georgia Tech community cannot reserve space through GT Events but can obtain information on availability and fees by sending an email inquiry to the administrator.  

What are the basic instructions for scheduling event space using GT Events?

  1. See below, view this  PDF document for helpful hints, or select "(?) Help" then "Virtual EMS User's Manual" on the top menu once you have logged into GT Events for more detailed instructions.
  2. Go to:
  3. Select "Log In" and log on using your GT user id and password.
  4. Select "Request Space " then the menu request form corresponding to the type of space you want to schedule.
  5. Fill out the date, time, and estimated attendance of your event under "When and Where" (use the "Facilities" drop-down list if needed).
  6. Click the "Find Space" button and a list of spaces available at the time you specified will be displayed (adjust your date/time or "Facilities" if needed to find a space).
  7. Click the green plus (+) sign next to the space you want and it will appear at the top to indicate that it is selected.
  8. Click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page and a new form for event details will appear.
  9. Fill out the information on the right-hand side of the page; fields with a red asterisk are required.
  10. If your group does not appear in the drop-down list, see this FAQ entry.
  11. Click the "Submit Reservation" button and a new "Reservation Details" page will appear to indicate that your request was accepted. At this point you can continue using the page to edit/review your request, make additional requests, or simply close the window.
  12. Once your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation through email. If you have questions about your event request, contact the scheduler responsible for the space you requested.​

How do I log in to the system?

You must use your GT account and password (as issued by Georgia Tech to all students, faculty, and staff) in order to log into GT Events. Otherwise see this question: "Who can reserve campus space through GT Events?" If you used to log in using an email address and password, please note that this is no longer supported. 

When I log onto GT Events, I can only see the Student Center rooms.

Be sure to log on with your Georgia Tech user id and password to prevent this from happening. 

When I log onto GT Events, I cannot see or reserve any Student Center rooms.

Students must be a part of a student organization in order to reserve space in the Student Center at no charge, and must be approved by the student organization's leadership (president or vice president) to be able to request space. Contact the administrator for the Student Center for more information. 

When I look in the Browse tab I don’t see the building I want.

I am trying to schedule a specific room, but it does not appear in the list.

The room I want to schedule shows as available under "Browse" but then when I try to schedule it, it cannot be requested.

There may be a scheduling policy in the specific building that prevents scheduling the space through this system. Sometimes the "Browse" screen will appear "dimmed" to indicate that the space cannot be scheduled through GT Events even though it appears available. Contact the administrator for the location in question, as listed here, for more information.

When trying to book a room in Clough, I am receiving an error message that says "The date(s) you requested violates your last allowed booking date." Why am I receiving this message?

The error message "The date(s) you requested violates your last allowed booking date" occurs when you are trying to book a room that is only available for reservation less than 48 hours out from the start of your event. All rooms marked "Instant Reservation Room" have the 48 hour policy. If, for example, you try to book an "Instant Reservation Room" a whole week in advance, you will receive this message. If you do in fact have a need to book more than 48 hours in advance, please choose the "Clough Commons Room Request Form." This form will give you a list of "approval-based rooms" which can be reserved up to (2) weeks in advance. These rooms require staff approval.

How can I see what the room looks like?

When reserving space, put in your date, time, and estimated attendance in the "When and Where" box and then click on the "Find Space" button. A list of available spaces will appear. When you click on any of the available spaces a building details box will open. Information on the room along with a photo will appear.

What do the green plus sign (+) and the red X mean?

The green plus sign (+) indicates the room is available and can be selected. Once you have selected a room, it appears at the top of the page with a red X. Clicking this allows you to change your mind and remove the space from your request. You can then select a different space instead. 

I don't see my group/department listed.

If you are with a chartered student organization and are approved to request space on behalf of the group or a Georgia Tech department, it should be in the GT Events group list. If you do not see a group name in the drop down list, email for help. Note: If you are a student and not a part of a chartered organization, you should use the group name "Student." 

How do I schedule an event for more than one date?

If you would like to reserve a room/space for more than one date, you can do so by going to the "When and Where" box. Click the "Recurrence" button and enter your start and end time. Click weekly, monthly or random. Put in the number of weeks and click the days you need. Under "Range of Recurrence," enter the start date and the number of occurrences you need or enter the date of the last occurrence. Then click the "Apply Recurrence" button.

How can I find out what events are scheduled on campus?

Click "Browse" and then "Browse Events." Then select "Filter" on the right-hand side of the screen and set the drop-down boxes for the events you are interested in; then click "Apply." Use the tabs and controls above the calendar to select the dates and type of calendar you want to see. 

How can I see the schedule for a particular room or space?

Click "Browse" and then "Browse Space." Then, if necessary, select "Filter" on the right-hand side of the screen and set the drop-down boxes for the rooms or spaces you are interested in. You can use the arrow controls above the list to move the date forward and backward. 

How do I view, edit, or cancel an existing reservation?

Click "Reservations" and then "View My Requests" on the main menu bar at the top of the screen. A list of your current reservation requests will be listed. The red X icon to the left of an event can be used to cancel the booking; the "Edit Booking" icon to the right of the red X can be used to edit the reservation request. (You may need to click on the event name to see these icons.) You may not be able to edit or cancel a reservation if it is too close to the event date; in that case you should contact the administrator for the location in question, as listed here

Other problems not listed above

Special announcements can be found at under the Request Campus Space heading.

After checking all of the questions listed above if you still do not see the answer to your problem, send an email to and include as much detail as possible. Specifically, make sure to include the exact text of any error messages that may appear. Note that sometimes these error messages are not immediately obvious; for example, log on error messages may appear in small text above the words "Welcome to GT Events" in the top middle of the screen. Note that many of the questions received through this email address are already answered in the FAQ.