Freedom of Assembly and Expression Requests

Individuals who reserve GT Campus Space for Freedom of Assembly and Expression must adhere to the following campus policies:

  1. Obstructing access to and egress from campus buildings is prohibited.
  2. Individuals or groups may not impede passersby or disrupt normal Institute activities.
  3. No interference with other authorized or scheduled Institute activities.
  4. Refrain from actions that are likely to create an imminent safety or health hazard.
  5. Flyers on walls, light poles, trees, or on other Institute property, not designated for posting purposes, is prohibited.
  6. Public speech that is likely to incite or produce imminent lawless action or under the current legal standards is either defamatory or obscene is prohibited.
  7. Individuals who damage or destroy Institute property shall be held responsible for such damage or destruction. This includes the campus lawns, shrubs, and trees.
  8. A request for use of public forum areas may be denied if an Institute official determines that the proposed speech/activity will constitute a clear and present danger to the Institute’s orderly operation.
  9. All applicable Institute regulations, state and federal laws and municipal ordinances should be followed when engaging in activities on campus. Failure to do so may result in immediate removal from the campus and any other appropriate action deemed necessary by Institute officials and/or Institute Police.

The authorized representative/and or person in charge is required to review, acknowledge, and comply with these administrative procedures and guidelines; to acknowledge that the Institute will not be held responsible for the actions of participants in the assembly, demonstration, or protest; and agree to make restitution for any litter, personal, or property damage that occurs due to the activity.

Please submit a request by email to at least 5 Business days prior to the event. Once your event request has been processed, and the space you requested confirmed, you will receive a space use confirmation. The confirmation will state the name of the event, date, time, location, and the name of the requester. 

Space is not reserved until you receive an e-mail confirmation.

For additional information, please review the Policy on Freedom of Expression